February 16, 2010

Ed Chouinard's Web of Love Experiment


A directing consciousness is seen to correlate with infinitesimal physical movements and amplitude changes among the random fluctuations of a flower. Mind-Matter Interrelationships between two conscious entities are seen to couple information and transfer energy, a dynamic and repeatable phenomena that ultimately needs some kind of a non-local quantum explanation. Such information and energy transfers are here considered to be the resultant of superposition of distinct subtle states of consciousness arising from combinations of invocational soundings and various mental protocols involving visualization, imagination, contemplation, concentration, meditation, and transcendence.

An experimental program collects large amounts of real-time analog data from dozens of sensors to correlate external physical parameters relative to the affectations of one consciousness upon another consciousness, at a distance. The movement of flowers and the magnitudes of their random fluctuations are found to vary as a function of the nature of directed mental protocols. A perturbation in conscious intent or state of being is thus seen reflected through empirical measurement instruments. With focus directed toward energy transformations, Mind-Matter Interrelationships can thus become visible through the use of the tools of the physicist.

Micron size flower movements are monitored via precision laser-electro-optical systems to microinch resolutions. Instantaneous temperature fluctuations are monitored to milli-degrees. A variety of physical and physiological sensors at both source and target sites provide many precision measurements, with redundancy, over the whole inclusive mind-matter environment.  Such manifold measurements  assure high quality experimental precision. Also, computer automated measurements assure precision time synchronization and repeatability.

Three Tangled Facets

·  Experimental - Physical Measurement

·  Experiential - Lively Subtle Awareness

·  Theoretical - Workable Physical Model

The normal expected approach to physics is for the Experimental to corroborate the Theoretical, and vice-versa, for the Theoretical to accurately portray the Experimental.  Now however, and so very important, the Experiential must also be brought in if we are to include mind in the world view scheme of things.  Normal physics goes out of its way to set mind aside, to ignore mind, to make measurements independent of mind (i.e., independent of the observer).  Observing mind is thus considered as some fleeting god-like entity who overviews the world but who is not of the world. Hence, mind certainly is not included in associated theoretical models. Even psychology adopts the 'independent of observer' attitude, apparently to strengthen its status as a science. Hence, 'anecdotal-tales' are usually an unacceptable source of knowledge (except for psychotherapy, which is something else altogether). Yet, 'anecdotal-tales' contain that very precious energetic flowing substance which emerges directly out of subtle mind. We discard unusual and/or extraordinary 'anecdotal-tales' as fantasy or imagination, that is, as unreality and therefore unworthy of further pursuit. We throw away precisely that which we are looking for! It is the overwhelmingly strong position taken here that it is not possible to simultaneously talk about quanta and mind without bringing in the Experiential as a valid interconnected part of the overall scheme of things?

Hence, this Mind-Matter Interrelationships Program simultaneously draws on three facets: Experimental, Experiential, and Theoretical, much on an equal footing.  This Experiential aspect is not at all as terrifying and fraught with danger as is often imagined among the traditional 'normal' physics communities. Talking about quantum mind from the restricted viewpoint of 'normal' physics can only lead to the Hard Problem, as beautifully brought out by Chalmers et al.  Indeed, the Hard Problem mostly reverts back to considering 'the observing mind' as 'a fleeting god-like entity who overviews the world but who is not of the world'. It is possible, though, to understand such a statement more literally, to bring 'the observing mind' into our theoretical framework, difficult as that may seem. However, such a statement can take on literal meaning if, and only if, the Experiential has born witness directly to extended subtle states of consciousness, much as might be contained in 'anecdotal-tales' about subtle states of consciousness. All the while, though, we still cling closely to the well defined 'normal' traditional values contained in the Experimental and the Theoretical.  The point pursued here is the need for simultaneous integration of all three interconnected facets of investigation: Experimental, Experiential, and Theoretical.  The first and last facets are well known to physicists and scientists. The middle facet is well known to mystics, psychics, musicians, and poets. With coexistence of the three facets, the Hard Problem begins to dissolve away, and now, subtle and really profound Mind-Matter Interrelationships begin to be appear.

Words like telekinesis need not be considered like poison, even though they can initially appear frightening.  Indeed, one could just as easily use a camouflaged expression for 'telekinesis', as for instance, 'the nonlocal transformation of quantum energy packets', but in so doing we again find ourselves going out of our way to avoid bringing in 'the observing mind' as an equal participating partner on the world stage.  So too, the full spiritual and mystical vocabularies need be brought in, for they are a product of the mind, indeed, of the majority of minds throughout the world. It is so very easy to dismiss a difficult problem by alternatively suggesting (even if only to ourselves) that most of the minds in the world are still stuck in superstition and fantasy.  Instead, we might prefer to look closely at such subtle phenomena, with the tools of physicists, and be amazed to find rich new levels of subtle entanglement in the world scheme of things.  So long as we cannot at least humor ourselves with such subtle thought forms, then the Experiential manifestations of new subtle realities are not likely to make themselves visible.  A recent TIME Magazine poll says that 70% of Americans believe in angels.  I speculate that the remaining 30% must be scientists, who, certainly in public or in groups, are not allowed to entertain such silly things, by threat of harsh ostracization among their peers!  The Age of Inquisition allowed no science; the present Age of 'normal' Science still allows no 'psychic' mental subtleties, but it may be on the verge of awakening. It would seem to be time for the extreme positions to merge, and this can be done.  The Hard Problem then begins to fade away.  This brief overview on interdependent and entangled relationships among the Experimental, Experiential, and Theoretical, forms the basis of this Experimental Program on Mind-Matter Interrelationships.

Experimental Facet

·  to Expand Measurement Techniques on Mind-Matter Interrelationships

·  to Unveil Subtle Entanglements of Quantum Spirit with Atomic Stuff

Mental Moving of Flowers
Flowers are found to move a micron or so, sympathetically according to mental protocol, within the range of typical peak amplitudes of a flower's random fluctuations. The degree of mind-matter entanglement appears to be proportional to the intensity of identification with the protocol targets, here flowers, in the Seer-Seen transformation space.

<Photo 1 - Three thermopile temperature sensors (two differential and one absolute), two thermistors, two HeNe laser beam sensors (one rotational reflective and one translational interceptive) and two electro-optical movement sensors (one at upper stem and one overhead) are independently, and a bit redundantly, monitoring a white carnation. -

The influencing mind, the Seer, may have the focus of attention on self, the Seer, or on the flower, the Seen, or it may be spread across between the two extreme ends.  The focus might be on self and then on the flower, or occasionally, a momentary strong identification or unifying experience of the two may spontaneously arise. Or, while the influencing mind is immersed in the flower, the mind may transcend, thus simultaneously reducing his/her metabolism. The flower may then follow along with a corresponding 'reduced metabolism', that is, with a reduced amplitude 'Brownian' type motion coupled with wider, less restrictive frequency bandwidths.  Absolutely amazing!  Note: There will undoubtedly be severe communication problems here. The word 'transcend' used here refers to a new unique and profound experience that is well known in TM, but which is largely unknown otherwise, even by way of metaphor and/or philosophic speculation.

Photo 2> - Laser metrology and thermopiles monitor movements and temperature simultaneously on two flowers, here a Carnation and a potted Peace Lily. -

Specially designed sensors and instrumentation packages are used along with unique data gathering protocols to provide for a 'floating', self referencing, dynamic 'zero' baseline.  This is done to largely cancel-out a flower's infinitesimal drift and droop by simulating differential measurement techniques in the protocols themselves.  Data files are developed in pairs; one from target flowers that are being mentally moved back and forth, and immediately following, another file from the same target flowers that are NOT being moved back and forth.
The magnitudes of the moving target measurements are usually greater than the magnitudes of the NON moving target measurements. The difference between two such measurements constitutes that dynamic 'floating', self-referencing net magnitude of flower movements. A more detailed presentation of this topic is available from the author's paper entitled, 'Holographic Mind: The Mental Moving of Flowers - A Nonlocal Mind Fluctuation Sensor'.

Precisions Measurements

The Experimental Program logs dozens of simultaneous measurements by specialized physical and physiological sensor heads, via a variety of electro-optical precision metrology, laser doppler interferometry, EEG type instrumentation, spectrum analyzers, digital filtering, and synchronous amplifiers for extracting infinitesimal signals buried in noise.

<Photo 3 - Ultra sensitive synchronous amplifiers, engineered electro-optical auto alignment detection instrumentation to microinch resolutions and single photon detection equipment for photomultipliers. -

Drawing 1> - Synchronous Amplifier Operation: The top horizontal line indicates a signal growing in time simultaneously while noise is being attenuated as individual synchronous signals, shown below, are being summed together. RMS noise tends to cancel-out while tiny synchronous signals near the vertical line add together, thus growing larger. -

Photo 5> - EEG type instrumentation mainframes simultaneously offer 64-channels of 16 bit digital output to text file. The files then stream to select math CAD programs for near instantaneous viewing of a host of statistical processed results.  Many kinds of sensors and engineered sensor heads use this same instrumentation over analog and digital bandwidths extending from 0.01 Hz to 100 KHz. -

Various Experimental Programs in Progress

· New Sensitivities on Mental Moving of Flowers

· Projected Mind Intermingling in Midst of Flames

· Affects on Optical Properties of Water and Gases

· Mental Projection on Pendulum Vibrating Strings

· 'Psychic' Imagery due to High Power Gas Plasmas

· Emission of and Sensing of White Light Photons

· Worldwide Telepathic Knee Jerk Experiment

· A Goal - To Measure the Speed of Thought

<Photo 7 - Modulated laser interferometer. Index of refraction fluctuations and doppler heterodyning on moving particulants in gases or liquids.  High voltage, variable frequency, audio modulated plasma fire for subtle environmental protocol soundings. -

Photo 8> - A dozen accelerometers and electro-optical position sensors monitor the movements of two pendulum loaded vibrating strings for Experimental protocols. Also, EEG, phase lock loop, and self detection optical aligning instrumentation. -

Experimential Facet

·  to Provide Catalytic Support to Unfold  Subtle Mental Transformations

·  to Experience Energy Flows Entangled amid the Seer and the Seen

Mental Protocols

Mental Protocols are created by clearly defined combinations of contemplation, concentration, meditation and transcendence.  These mental states may be accompanied by external environmental affectations like sounds, or yet by subtler sensory stimuli due to environmental affectations of invocation or even of hot or cold gas plasma influences.  Esoteric ritual and mystical vowel sounds are also freely mixed with modern scientific methods and physical apparatus.

Mental experiences are of two kinds: those that we push out willfully into the world and those which spontaneously arise while passive and receptive.  Early on, this seems like a clear enough definition, especially as it emulates the principal cornerstone supporting 'normal' physics, 'cause and effect'.  At some point in time while playing these mental games, 'cause' and 'effect' are not so clearly delineated and a fuzziness arises.  Worse, they may even interchange positions, perhaps something like moving around different frames of reference with Feynman diagrams.  A sense of entanglement can arise, perhaps feeling like a tingling or buzzing 'resonance', strange at first, but then more common.  The Seer and the Seen have become less differentiated. The performing mental protocols themselves lead to more familiarity with the dynamics of subtle mental processes, particularly when mixed with various techniques surrounding meditation, invocation, and habituation.  The newly arising changing qualities of delineation between the Seer and the Seen is surely most enlightening.

Plasma Lamp

A short 'anecdotal-tale' is here most appropriate, where the Seer has undoubtedly become entangled with the energy laden Seen in a most extraordinary way that is easy to discern.  Long ago, as a scientist at Raytheon Research Laboratories, I developed a 100 kw high-pressure argon vortex plasma lamp that could produce white light up to four times the intensity of the sun. This lamp was outrageously ferocious, giving instant sunburns if one so dared, and it created considerable ozone almost instantaneously in the local environment. The purpose of the lamp was to 'excite' solid state lasers in an early Star-Wars type program.

Photo 9 -100 kw High Pressure Argon Vortex Lamp

Quite startling, I one day found that my consciousness had also been 'excited', where I inadvertently experienced some rather extraordinary 'psychic' phenomena. Huge 'photons', like tiny fire-balls, were seen near the plasma lamp for a time after the lamp was turned off. These photon-like spontaneous emissions were the size of coins and similar to the glow of fireflies, but much brighter as the room was well lit. In addition, I saw purple aura around all green vegetation for many hours after running the lamp, even while driving, along with all sorts of hazy fog-like animal creatures, like monkeys, jumping about in the trees.  Further, dream like states could be simultaneously witnessed along with ordinary waking state. Upon closing the eyes a vivid dream could unfold while being fully aware of surrounding waking-state activity. So what happened here? Explanations are suggested in the Theoretical section following, but first there is need for more qualia input data from 'anecdotal-tales'.

Burning Triangle

Yet another day, still looking for reasonable rational solutions to the plasma lamp induced qualia, I attended a Rosicrucian bilingual convention in Montreal.  A French speaking dignitary was directing a mental experiment in a large temple area where several hundred participants sat in several rows around the perimeter of a central staging area.  With eyes closed the whole group visualized a triangle, first with point up and then with point down, while simultaneously drawing energy to it from the source of creation, 'nous', which is broadly equivalent to physics' potential energy of vacuum state, so to speak, or to tantra's flowings of shakti, or perhaps to the flowing of holy spirit or grace, according to one's own comfortable working vocabulary. Everyone visualized the triangle, first mentally within and then projected out into the central temple area.  The accumulated psychic energy in the triangle would then be radiated out to the world as love to spread harmony.  Rosicrucians had often performed such experiments with visualized triangles in their home studies, so the procedures were mostly known by everyone.

The excitement and charisma of the speaker was enthralling and because I did not know too much French, I opened my eyes to look at him and catch the body language also. To my overwhelming surprise and astonishment, there, directly in front of the speaker's podium and centrally located in the temple area, was a huge burning triangle, with point down.  A blazing fire of purple-blue flames was 'miraculously' suspended in the air.  Each side of the fiery triangle was approximately twenty feet across and some three feet in cross sectional diameter.  Through optical parallax with the unobstructed views on the other side of the temple, it was very apparent that this burning triangle was external, simply by moving one's head back and forth. It remained suspended and burned while the speaker continued, totally enraptured with his treatise on divine energy.  Such an overwhelming demonstration had never been previously witnessed. The Theoretical section will also continue with this tale.

Intense White Light

Yet again, a bit more of the 'anecdotal', but now quickly leading to the more generalized.  There was an evening, long ago, when the brain area behind the eyes became flooded with extremely intense white light. With eyes closed, the event continued for some half-hour. The brilliance of the light was so intense that upon eventually opening the eyes in a reasonably well lighted area, darkness ensued. The experience was beautiful and in every way was the saving grace of the time.

This extraordinary qualia session took place on a Christmas eve in some remote off-season leased hotel in Switzerland where advanced Vedic Science and Siddhi training programs were being presented to teachers of Transcendental Meditation. I had arrived late that evening only to find that the TM staff had no room available. A tiny cleaning equipment room with no toilet facilities was finally found along with a small mattress on a messy floor. I sat on the mattress and gushing tears flooded the eyes. What in the world was I doing here? For this I had left a paying research engineering-physics job, my beautiful wife, my four children, a fine home, and virtually all of my money as part of their continued support while I was away. I left all of this for six months to now be sitting on a trashed floor?  An overwhelmingly disquieting experience!

It must be understood that hotels full of meditating TM teachers quite literally affect the local environment in profound ways. Stresses become dissolved, in some cases, quick as lightening, and of course I knew that much of this was now occurring to me, but nevertheless, I was still caught-up in this moment of distraught. To overcome the uneasiness, I began singing the TM puja, the Sanskrit ceremony used in TM initiations, intended to purify the teacher's nervous system in the process of teaching TM.  This Sanskrit ceremony is forever known by teachers, like one's own name, so it just moves along effortlessly and it is quite beautiful.  More, I mentally projected into the Rosicrucian 'Cathedral of the Souls', a visualized spatial mental creation, well known from past Rosicrucian experiments, a sort of safe-haven and familiar 'holy' working environment.  In the Cathedral, I moved to my own well established, mentally created laboratory and performed the TM ceremony there, over and over again perhaps a dozen times, progressively attaining greater joy and relief. Then suddenly I was overwhelmingly astonished as brilliant, intense white light (nearly equivalent to momentarily looking at the sun) flooded the mind, the eyes, and the brain (the eyes were closed throughout).  After some half hour or so of such witnessing, I passed into a long deep sleep.  More on this in the Theoretical section.

Reincarnation Demo

This is the last 'anecdotal', but important with respect to physical optics and superposition, to piece together a workable Theoretical Model. A huge hotel ballroom seated a thousand Rosicrucians for a reincarnation demonstration at an international convention. An enlightened dignitary began to speak at a stage podium while a large portable movie screen was being unrolled and set up at his side. The screen was illuminated with red light from a projector located on the other side of the ballroom in a projection booth. Ballroom lights were turned off and only red light illuminated the screen.  The red light was turned off and a second projector illuminated the screen with blue light. Most Rosicrucians had previously carried out home sanctum reincarnation experiments with red and blue lights, where it's possible, with other sounding supports, to notice slight transfigurations of facial and body features under soft blue light after long exposure to red light.

As the dignitary continued talking, both red and blue lights were turned off and the projector room windows were closed. Suddenly the roll-up movie screen turned white, emitting its own light! The dignitary settled himself on a reclining chair at the side of the lit movie screen.  He then suggested to the audience that they would see many facets of his past incarnations, more than he knew himself.  His face and body began passing through various transfigurations, unbelievable, first looking like an eastern Indian with turban headdress and then like a western monk with collar of a priest.  As if this were not enough, our attention was quickly diverted as a full color film started to show on the movie screen. Disquietingly, there was no light seen traversing the ballroom from anywhere to strike the screen to produce a movie!  However, that annoyance soon left my attention as the most incredible part of the movie started to unfold.  I, personally, was a feature actor in the movie, riding a camel in the desert on a shining summer day of biblical times!  Indeed, it truly was me!  Yet even more overwhelming is that my wife, who was sitting by my side, was simultaneously witnessing a different color movie in which she was feature actress, carrying water from a well up a hill, also in an ancient time setting! More on this in Theoretical section.

These 'anecdotal-tales' are not science-fiction. Some might consider them preposterous and thus turn away. Yet, recorded history is loaded with similar such 'anecdotal-tales', but we seldom take them very seriously, at least not until they arrive at our door.  Such qualia tends to completely restructure one's life and priorities and it does drive a few points home quickly.  I'm certain that the scheme of things concerning a quantum mind can never be complete without thorough inclusion and comprehension of such 'anecdotal-tales' as these.


Experimental protocols deal with the Experiential, both actively and passively.  The structured mental activity might give rise to certain affectations or vice-versa, the target structures may themselves seemingly be the cause of certain affectations being witnessed.  When a strong bonding connection between Seer and Seen is felt, a unique feeling often arises, a buzzing or tingling type 'resonance', especially when clear delineation between cause and effect is less evident, as previously discussed.  In part, this new phenomena of resonance is associated with degree of focus. Separateness always exists with strong focus. When the loss of focus, which always occurs in due time (for that is the nature of mind), is associated with a fading definiteness among cause and effect, consciousness itself can begin to be witnessed, so to speak.  Transformations between Seer and Seen are witnessed. These are the tingling flowing 'resonances', the transformations themselves.  This is a non-trivial matter that needs considerable expansion, but the point here is that simple protocol routines, themselves, are catalytic in further opening the awareness to finer subtleties of the mind.  More on this topic is available from the author's paper, 'Holographic Mind - Extraordinary Qualia & Mind-Brain Connection'.

Theoretical Facet

·  to Build a Physical Model to Unveil Psychic and Spiritual Experiences

·  to Appreciate Consciousness as Nonlocal States of Entanglement

The goal is to appreciate mind and matter under a single theoretical working model, no matter how yet incomplete, where the physicist and the mystic can communicate. Toward this end, vocabularies of physics and esoterica are freely intermixed, as are metaphors and the literal.  Indeed, as metaphors can sometimes become literal with just a slight twist in understanding, as can often occur in subtle mind experiences, mixing them together is especially  desirable.  We then simply construct the very best working theoretical model available to deal with all the varied data coming to consciousness.

Consciousness is thought to be an interwoven, entangled, combination of the three facets:

· Experimental - where mind-matter entanglement is seen as quantum mental-stuff touching quantum matter-stuff through some kind of mutual resonance due to close dimensional proximity, a phenomenon also known as psychokinesis.

· Experiential - where internal energy transformations give rise to extraordinary feelings, sightings, and a host of other subtle qualia, phenomena that are easily communicated through 'anecdotal-tales'.

· Theoretical - where external space-time imagery advances its evolutionary threads through the laws of mathematics, logic, geometry and the phenomena of proliferation and particularization.

Mind-Matter Holographic Connections

Mind and brain are considered two independent entities that are normally tightly coupled. The brain is considered to mostly involve the autonomic physical nervous system and physical senses while the mind is considered to mostly involve the subtle senses and thinking faculties. Mind and brain communicate via holographic mind-brain connections. Extraordinary qualia from 'paranormal' experiences offer some unique insights for the further development of such theoretical formulations.

It is postulated that mind-matter connections are composed of white light. The Experiential nonlocal nature of consciousness requires boson structures and/or similar thread-like types of coherent flowing energy transfers.  Subtle qualia bears this out along with considerable stores of age-old mystical testimony, i.e., 'anecdotal-tales'.  Mind-stuff lies on one side of the holographic connection and matter-stuff lies on the other side.  On one side is the Seer and on the other side is the Seen, as shown following.  The triangle with point down depicts the Seer and the triangle with point up depicts the Seen.  Life is thus symbolically shown as an ever continuing flow of awareness through the many varied stratifications of identification while moving up and down from Seer to Seen and back again.

White Light Connects Brain with Mind

SEER - Being, Pure Intelligence

MIND - Causal and Subtle Bodies

Illusive Light Spark Connection

BRAIN - Senses, Nervous System

SEEN - Physical Body, Matter

Consciousness Floats from Subtle to Gross

In so moving back and forth from Seer to Seen, consciousness floats over a wide frequency density spectrum: from the great complexity of the physical world's gross material manifestations to much less complexity in the subtle visualizations of vacuum state's quantum undulations. To better delineate such qualities, most of the mystic literatures partition consciousness into seven-states, more or less, as listed in the Seer column below. The Experiential qualia varies significantly at each level of consciousness and the qualities in each state are quite definite and repeatable.



Unity (10^-33 cm)

Vacuum Seedlings (-30)

Pure Being (-27)

Quantum Seeds (-24)

Awareness (-21)

Subtle Particles (-18)

Self - Mind (-15)

Nuclear Particles (-12)

Subtle Body (-09)

Atomic Structures (-06)

Physical Body (-03)

World Structures (-00)

Archetypes (+03)

Weather Systems (+06)

Similarly, the qualities of matter vary significantly from the gross to the finest subtle, as depicted above in the Seen column.  Dimensional meaning is given to 'gross' and 'subtle' by assigning approximate dimensions to various levels of the Seer's mind-stuff and to the Seen's matter-stuff.  The Seen column dimensions are mostly obvious to the physicist. The Seer column dimensions follow the same pattern. Mind-stuff is considered corpuscular, composed of particulants, in analogy with matter-stuff.  The complexity of thought form grows as we move toward the gross, and so too, the size of the fundamental building blocks of mind-stuff, just as with matter-stuff. Thinking is thus a dimensional occupation (the Seer's emotions are momentarily separated out). Thoughts are about things or patterns that implicitly or explicitly have dimensions. In complimentary distinction to Seen matter-stuff being appreciated by Fermi particle mathematics, it is postulated that Seer mind-stuff is appreciated by Bose particle mathematics, and most probably light itself.  The Seer dimensions are then in terms of effective coherent length. With this representation, we have the three Facets: Experimental, Experiential, and Theoretical; all bounded by space-time dimensions, as they should be, being of this world.

Burning Triangle

The Burning Triangle first started internally in mind-stuff, eventually moving externally to the Seen world of matter-stuff. So it would seem, a form of mental projection, something quite familiar to Rosicrucians. Mind is considered to be endowed with internal senses just as the body is endowed with physical senses. The subtle mind sensory mechanism then operates faintly in the background, relative to external brain sensory mechanisms. In the waking state with eyes open, the external brain apparatus is overwhelmingly dominant, virtually annihilating signals developing out of the subtle nervous system.  A bit more of the subtle nervous system's output gets through to awareness with the eyes closed, and a great deal more subtle information starts to dominate as we shut down the physical sensory system during certain meditation states, dream state, and the approaching sleep state.

The Burning Triangle experiment had hundreds of folks all contributing energy to this triangle symbol, with point down. The energy accumulation in the subtle nervous system was quite extensive, such that its amplitude became equal to typical amplitudes of the physical system.  So like a double exposed camera film, the two images superimpose, that of the brain's physical nervous system and that of the mind's subtle nervous system.

Reincarnation Demo

Stored images, Sanskrit  samskâras, are said to contain highly impressionable experiences and unfulfilled desires from previous times.  The samskâra information is thought to be stored in fluctuation patterns of subtle mind, not unlike dynamic RAM in modern computers. These subtle fluctuations are rarely noticeable to the Seer except as homogeneously integrated personality traits. Their intensities are usually far diminished relative to physical sensory dominance, and past memories of this life are mostly gone, let alone former lives. However, again, the Rosicrucian setting was very unique. Intonation of vowel sounds and deep breathing had previously 'charged up' the environment and participants with additional 'psychic energy'. (Perhaps this 'charging-up' is an energetically flowing Bose-Einstein condensate, giving rise to corresponding visual imagery.) In addition, yearning sentiments and ritualistic invocation brought some very close 'resonant' contact with a host of unseen masters, for surely, this was their big convention also.

The observer's subtle mind commingled with the charged subtle minds of everyone in the local environment, including those of unseen masters. This commingling among all of these plasma like fog haze tubules of flowing energy is postulated to be the 'resonant' source of 'excited' or 'pumped-up' states of the particulant turbulence (thoughts and images) of the observer's subtle mind. This subtle 'social mixing' and accompanying 'resonance' coupling with the unseen masters is helpful, as they are considered to have highly 'excited' subtle states relative to most us. The environmental stage was now catalytically setup to open the awareness to new subtle experiences, especially those that favor the activation of samskâras from previous lives. Such normally dormant impressions were amplified via the increased energy received from 'resonant' coupling with the more highly 'exited' subtle minds in the local environment. The actual light making the movie visible was the very light that forms consciousness itself, literally. The Seer witnessed events long stored in his/her own subtle mind. The precision mechanical registration and alignment of the color movie on the portable roll-up screen was most extraordinary. Yet this is no more remarkable than how images remain 'upright' in consciousness, whether we look sideways, lie down, or stand on our head. However, not all observers saw a movie. Therefore, seeing such subtle things also has to do with the readiness condition of the nervous system.

Intense White Light

This very same light of consciousness is vividly brought forward in this anecdotal, literally, as some sort of visible photon mist. This light is always around consciousness but we are normally not aware that it is light because it is always there, whatever the amount may be. Close the eyes in a dark closet for awhile and what is there?  At first it seems to be total darkness, but a dim luminosity appears as we explore more subtlely. Under extraordinary environmental circumstances, that same white light becomes intense, so intense that we certainly do take notice.  My consciousness was surely 'excited' in this Experiential, literally. Additional subtle energy was 'pumped' into consciousness by the sound structures of the TM puja ceremony and by some amount of 'resonant' coupling with unseen masters, in this case, pertinent to both Rosicrucian traditions and to Vedic Science traditions.

Plasma Lamp

The high power plasma lamp somehow 'excited' the mind. Energy, as defined by physics, was 'pumped' into subtle mind, thus enlivening its sensitivity in certain portions of the visible frequency spectrum. Now, considering the dream state to be that all time never ceasing activity of subtle mind, the 'excited' energies from the plasma lamp now amplify the intensity of the dream state and through superposition, it spills over into the waking state.  External mental 'pumping' sources from such a fierce plasma fire seems highly likely, as large doses of radiation were emitted throughout the spectrum, especially as gas ion 'pumping' energy potentials of several hundred electron volts were always available in the plasma.  Also contributing were the eerily quiet pulsating coherent oscillations and the noisy erratic coherent and noncoherent plasma oscillations that were so very plentiful during startup routines.

However, the nature of the huge coin size photons that were seen is more enigmatic.  They may have been some kind of subtle fireballs seen by the 'pumped-up' subtle senses, most probably, as they remained existent for considerable periods of time. However, it's still possible that they may actually have been physical fireballs ejected by the lamp and still momentarily floating about. The slight doubt arises because another extremely mischievous and rather destructive fireball event had occurred earlier and there was no question of its physical existence! More on this from the author's paper, 'Holographic Mind - The Integration of Seer, Seeing, & Seen'.

Photo 10 - A new more efficient high power argon vortex plasma lamp is again under investigation, concerning its extraordinary qualia influences. -


The brain is thought to process information of the physical senses and by way of coherent holographic mind-brain connections (the Hameroff and Penrose 'Orch OR Model' seems particularly attractive here) the signals are passed to the subtle mind, to  consciousness itself, as physical sensory experience. Consciousness is always simultaneously viewing the contents of the subtle mind. These fainter impulses, the subtle feelings, intuitions, and imaginations are quietly operating in the background in continual superposition over the physical sensory data. When subtle mind becomes 'excited', whether by gross or subtle environmental 'pumping' influences, the subtle sensory data amplifies. When subtle signals reach levels similar to physical sensory signals the superimposition now presents both the subtle 'psychic' vision and the physical eye vision to the Seer's awareness, simultaneously. The purpose of this multi-platform Experimental Program in Mind-Matter Interrelationships is for substantiation and validation of such an all inclusive Experiential inferred Mental-Physical Theoretical World Model.

This is a most remarkable and profound study topic. I am receptive to working with others on select joint interest topics. Thank you for reading.