October 25, 2010

Is There Really a Human Colony on Mars?

The  revelation by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (great-granddaughter of former U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower)  of her attempted recruitment by a secret Mars colony project, has focused attention on the question of whether or not there really is a human colony on Mars.  Perhaps by design, Ms. Eisenhower comes across to most as a new-age nut and so few people will take her seriously.

The story on Ms. Eisenhower's web site seems like the ramblings of just another hippie chick who fried her brain on LSD and found Arch Angel Michael at the bottom of a 2,000 calorie cup of  Starbucks.

A deeper investigation into the issue leaves one wondering if there might actually be humans now living on Mars.

A number of former military scientists admit in private that the US has a space program that is decades beyond what most people can imagine.  In reality, advanced technology developed by Nazi Germany was secretly fast-tracked while decoy programs such as NASA were presented to the public and foreign nations.  Congressional investigations led by Dennis Kucinich have revealed that the Pentagon can't/won't account for more than $1 trillion in taxpayers money.  A trillion dollars just might pay for a pretty advanced space program.

Some scientists also claim in private that Hitler actually sent 2 Astronauts to the Moon in a one way mission. They claim that Nazi Germany had the technology to send people to the moon but not bring them back.

Documents do show that Nazi Germany did indeed have a detailed plan to go to Mars in the 40's.

If there is a secret space program it may not really be that big of a secret.  Once can simply drive by Buckley Air Force Space Command near Denver and view all of the deep space antennae and see the offices of 77 different military organizations. The base now employs over 92,000 people in support of America's real space program. It is just one such base.

A lecture entitled "Physical and Remote-Viewing Evidence of Active Artificiality on Mars" by Courtney Brown on one of his remote viewing projects indicates that humans are indeed living and working on Mars and trying to reactivate ancient technology found there.  While Courtney Brown is not always a credible source of information, it is likely that his presentation was a stealth attempt by the military to get such information into the open.

These days, there is no technological reason that humans couldn't travel to Mars, the missing trillion and trillions more stolen by Wall Street banks could certainly fund such an endeavor.

For more info. watch the interview with retired military scientist Dr. Gilbert Jordan at www.modernmysteries.tv