November 2, 2009

Scholarship Awarded to Study Life After Death

It's the biggest, unresolvedĀ  question on the planet - and now a university student has been awarded a scholarship that could finally establish there's life after death.

Callum Cooper, from The University of Northampton, has been awarded the funding by the Parapsychology Foundation in America to help complete his studies on telepathy and clairvoyance.

The Foundation has recognised his interests in parapsychology, the scientific study of the possible existence of psychic abilities and life after death, particularly for his interests in apparitions.

Callum explained: ''My interest in the paranormal began growing up in Nottinghamshire where there is a vast amount of history of hauntings. I read a lot of paranormal books in the library when I could throughout my time at school and I took an A-Level in Psychology to understand human behaviour and to explore anomalous experiences.

"That led me onto my study at The University of Northampton, which supports parapsychological research. I am constantly involved in the investigation of purportedly haunted locations with my own research team, the findings of which I shall be presenting at the end of November."

A member of the Society for Psychical Research and a contributor to the Paranormal Review magazine, Callum's final year work is focusing on two different areas. His dissertation project explores the reliability of laboratory experiments against observational field studies in certain cases of ESP (extrasensory perception), specifically telepathy. His second project, which he conducts in his spare time, examines participants' clairvoyant abilities at purportedly haunted locations in the UK by using a portable experiment technique.

Callum hopes to pursue a PhD Research Degree in Psychology on the topic of 'Apparitions and Hallucinations' in 2010.