October 31, 2009

Introduction to Extended Remote Viewing

Prior to any explanation or the passing of any "how to" concepts on Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), it would be a good idea to provide a little background on the entire concept of Remote Viewing (RV) so that we can be sure we are all on the same sheet of music. I certainly do not profess to be or classify myself as any sort of expert on RV any more than a faithful and adamant fan at every home football game can classify themselves as an excellent football player. I have spent a considerable amount of energy and time doing research , trained by and worked in the Government’s RV program and in my spare time dabbled, if you will, with some more advanced concepts of RV. I am most certainly a better fan than a player and have spent far more time as a monitor and "watcher" than a viewer. For now, lets move from day one and see if we can all come to some consensus on terms and issues….establish some level of trust.

What is this thing called Remote Viewing?

The short and sweet of it is that RV is the ability for an individual to access signals and images from objects and people from great distances and over large spans of time, both past and future. These images are received through a series of methods which may vary from individual to individual but arrive in the form of pieces of information which must be reformed and clarified with the help of the Viewer and other assistants or monitors which comprise the Remote Viewing team. Images received are mental in nature - no holograms in empty space and no chalk mysteriously hanging in mid-air while writing messages on the blackboard. Because these images are mental in nature they are susceptible to personal beliefs, prejudices and other outside influences. These external/internal factors can usually be recognized by the trained Viewer or the other members of the RV team and either further clarified or discounted during the actual RV session.

Why did the US Government get involved in RV? Did they want to use if for evil?

The Government became involved through a series of related circumstances. Information was obtained by the Government indicating members of the Warsaw Pact were conducting wide reaching experiments to study and utilize the concepts of Remote Viewing and Psychokinesis as possible weapons and tools for committing espionage. Psychokinesis, the ability to control or manipulate objects through mental influence was particularly worrisome to our Government. If a trained and competent Viewer could influence the settings on a missile guidance system in flight, they could render it harmless or divert it from its intended target. Perhaps they could affect other objects to inflict wide spread damage to our nation's infrastructure such as removing safety controls on nuclear power plants, affecting computer data storage systems… and of course the list went on and on. It was decided initially to "acquire" information on the Warsaw Pact successes in this arena and then this mission was extended to include a search for people in our own ranks who might be able to do this thing called RV and PK. In the end, we found the Warsaw Pact to be essentially unsuccessful in conducting any PK targeting which would represent a viable threat to us or any other nation. We were also essentially unsuccessful for the same reasons as the Warsaw Pact… PK, it seems, does not work very well after about ten feet and even then it does not work very well. You might be able to move a ashtray on a table but you most certainly could not affect the trajectory of a rocket in flight. However, RV seemed to be something that bore additional study and research and lo and behold, STARGATE and its forerunners became a tightly controlled and guarded secret within this country’s intelligence community.

Why did the Government give up its research and RV activity?

Lots of reasons, most of which dealt with trying to constantly convince our superior officers this thing called RV was a viable tool in our nation's defense. There were some unfortunate internal issues dealing with people who eventually were assigned to STAR GATE and may have lost sight of the real purpose of STAR GATE. In the end, STAR GATE just sort of rolled over and went to sleep and its files are now in the hands of a reviewing agency who will soon release the vast majority of them to the public.

Was STARGATE successful during its lifetime?

Yes, to be quite frank. Some of the things we did were absolutely astonishing, perhaps too much so. Understand we were the court of last resort in gathering vital information. When all other systems failed and the Brass became panicky, they were sometimes persuaded to come to us, as crazy as we may have sounded to him/her, and to levy the tasking on us. Usually they did so believing they had nothing to lose and when the results were delivered they tended to be highly skeptical until something else could be used to prove our results. Even then we were viewed as outside the mainstream of the Department of Defense and therefore we could not be trusted. In this world of distrust and a lack of confidence, our future was a foredrawn conclusion. Disregarding the many "conspiracy" theorist with whom you might speak, the program is in fact, dead and does not exist in some other guise in some other carefully disguised budget line or in some secret hideaway in the Adirondacks. I am still a member of our country’s intelligence services with the highest security accesses (same as the President’s actually), and if the program still existed, I would know about it even if "they" didn’t want me to know. Trust me, it does not exist and I am not just saying that as a further attempt to hide it. Consider this, if it still existed somewhere, as a former member with all the proper accesses, I believe I would be one of the first persons to have been contacted to participate. Instead, I have been called periodically to assist in the declassification on the records of the former unit. It’s gone…it really is.

Why does RV work?

Again, this depends on who you ask. A good number of the people in STAR GATE (especially in the latter years when some of the personnel were in fact a little bit strange), believed it was controlled by the outside influence of certain "entities". These entities ranged from ancient alien beings who lived among us (known as "Greys"), to spirit entities who could disrupt or assist an RV session depending on whether they like you or not. A few of the folks in the unit simply attributed it magic - take it leave it - just magic. One or two of the folks had more religious spiritualism as a source of this "gift" and others chose to spend a great amount of time and energy to determine if RV was nothing less than a factual application of quantum mechanics. I worked with all of these people and to be blunt, the only ones who made any sense were the individuals who attributed RV to a religious gift but even then I still had some doubts. Therefore, even to this day, I stand firmly in the circle of people who believe that it is magic - and that’s that. I would caution you not to spend any more time than absolutely necessary to make you feel better in trying to work out why it works. Your time will be far better spent learning HOW it works. At this point in discussions, I usually mention the analogy of electricity and comment on the fact our greatest scientists still do not know what electricity is but they do know how to use it…. however to save time, I won’t mention that analogy.

What is this thing called ERV?

Extended Remote Viewing is just one of the techniques used to do this thing called RV. One of the more famous and successful proponents and early developers of ERV was Mr. Joseph McMoneagle. You will probably have already seen his name on RV books, on TV interviews and most certainly on any reputable WWW forum in which RV is seriously discussed. Joe can safely lay claim to being one of the founding fathers of the government RV program and used a technique which has become known as ERV, although it was not really called that when he did it. At that time there were several divergent schools of thought on RV which tended to revolve around two very dynamic individuals, Mr. Ingo Swann, who literally wrote the book on Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) and Ms. Hella Hammett who used a technique differing dramatically from the very formalized and standardized protocols of Mr. Swann. This technique, and the techniques used by Mr. McMoneagle formed the basis for later study and "formalization" of what is now called ERV. There are still significant differences between CRV and ERV, the two most famous techniques used in RV and from which all other "wannabaee" RV masters and gurus base their techniques. I will not spend any time conducting a comparative analysis of ERV and CRV. Suffice to say they are different techniques and nothing more. One is no more magical than the other since they rely equally on the realm on the powers of magic to accomplish their goals. ERV tends to be more relaxing and less stressful to the Viewer and the information derived during an ERV session can be "different" in its content and description but in the end, both techniques have distinct advantages and distinct disadvantages.

What is an ERV session like?

OK, you asked for it…here comes a long winded Irish answer. Ideally a room has been specially prepared for the session. In the best of all possible worlds, this room will be completely darkened, have a bed or comfortable sofa on one side of the room and some distance away (as far as possible), a small table with a very week red lamp light. Steps should be taken to insure only a minimum amount of outside interference can impact on the session including outside noise and air pollution. Sound deadening material can solve the sound issue and a good ion generator can help remove pollutants from the room so the air is as pure as possible. Nothing spoils a session more than a hardy sneeze on the part of the monitor or the viewer. The Viewer is escorted into the room and allowed to become comfortable on the sofa or bed. To some viewers this means crawling under a warm blanket, or extras pillows, or a few minutes of making the lumps fit just right. The lights are turned off except the very dim red lamp at the table across the room. At this table, the "monitor" sits with a small writing tablet and a ball point pen to take notes with only the dim red light to assist in taking notes. The monitor can barely see the Viewer so he/she must rely on listening to the Viewer’s breathing to determine when they are ready for the sessions to begin.

The Viewer, now comfortable on the bed or sofa, begins a learned process of relaxation resulting in what is called an "altered state" (see I told you it was magic). Essentially what occurs is the Viewer, after perhaps months of training, learns to put their logical mind in a state of suspended function in which this portion of the mind now is charged with keeping the heart beating, blood circulating, fluids running…all that yucky stuff. This portion of the mind is normally a strict task master which guides our everyday life by telling us what is right and what is wrong, what is logical and what is illogical and using this moral and character compass it controls who we react to any given situation. No matter how hot it is, we do not strip down naked and jump into the fountain in front of the Whitehouse. It just is not acceptable and therefore our nice logical and moral mind forbids us from doing so, even if we would like to do just that. When you put this side of the mind to rest and take away its authority, another part of your mind, the little boy/little girl side takes over. This is the side of the mind which says it OK to jump off the barn roof with a pillow for a parachute. It’s OK to run down the street with nothing on but a football helmet and a soup spoon…(my Mother has a picture of me doing this a child and she never misses the opportunity to pull it out at the most inopportune time). It’s also the same side of the mind that does not understand it is impossible to go visit the inner sanctums of the Kremlin while never leaving the bed or sofa. The side of the mind that knows this is impossible is now asleep. If control of the mind is now in the hands of something that does not have limitations, then the possibilities are limitless. However, there are a few downsides at this point of the game.

What - What - What…???

The little boy/girl side of the mind has lost a good deal of its basic capability to conduct manmade logic concepts. Now doesn’t that sound like something complicated and scientific? Actually it’s not. What it means is that this side of the mind doesn’t do numbers very well. This side doesn’t do a very good job of reading letters or words at least with any great degree of accuracy or consistency. This side of the brain doesn’t have the capacity to lie but it is a very pliable side of the mind and will always try to please the monitor. If you ask this side of the mind a question you can normally expect to get an answer however, if you have asked the question incorrectly, the answer you will get will probably be wrong. As an example, if you ask a person in the "altered state" if the room number on the door in the Kremlin is #26, they will pause a minute and tell you it is. There is no Room 26 in the Kremlin, all the numbers on the doors are three numbers long. They didn’t lie, or at least not knowingly, what they did was simply try to please the monitor. When asked if the room number was 26, they "looked" at the door, couldn’t really determine if it was or was not 26, but presumed you wanted it to be 26 so they say it is 26. Remember you only gave them two options with your question…is it 26 or is it not 26. To avoid this, the really great monitors (and I was the greatest of the great…at least in my own mind), would more likely ask the Viewer to "look" at the number on the door and remember it. Later, at the end of the session, when they are partially "awake" (that is to say, when their logical side begins to take back control), he/she would be asked to recall the number they saw. It was not 100% effective but sometimes it worked like a champ.

Were there any other "tricks" peculiar to ERV?

One concept of ERV that I personally lay claim to is the concept of "Sanctuary". I began using this with my Viewers after about a year in that damned darkened room to try to increase accuracy and to keep the Viewers from initially bouncing around the universe as they "sought" out my target. What I did was spend some time with each of my Viewers, about three or four sessions, in which I instructed them to go for joy rides in the altered state. Somewhere along this joy ride, I told them, they will come to a place that attracts them more than others and I wanted to them to stop here and begin to become comfortable with it. They were strictly forbidden from telling anyone anything about this place since it was to be theirs and theirs alone and I wanted it to be very personal to them with no restrictions. After they had firmly established this place, which we called "Sanctuary", they would simply have to be told during their relaxation phase, and just prior to going to the target, to "go to your Sanctuary and rest a moment or two. Learn about your sanctuary and when I call you again I will want you to leave and go to the place I want you to go." That was all that would be needed to send them to the actual target. Out of personal respect and deference to Mr. Swann, the father or CRV, I chose to continue to use a randomly selected six digit number which we called a "coordinate" as the actual signal to leave "sanctuary" and to move to my target. When they were finished at my target, I would normally allow them to go back to "Sanctuary" for a cooling down period and then "waken" them for the post session art work. Sanctuary became a sort of min-ground jumping off place for the viewer and seemed to cut down on stress, and virtually eliminated the spontaneous joy rides that an ERV viewer periodically takes if they "spot" something in the universe that attracts them more than my target.

What do you mean by post-session art work?

Following the "darkroom" portion of the session, we could put the Viewer at the table, turn on the lights and hand them lots of blank paper and a few sharpened pencils. The purpose was to capture those stray images which were by now bleeding over into that tyrannical logical mind. Images were still floating around the viewer's mind and this would be the final effort to quantify those images into something that could be added to the verbal images provided by the Viewers during the darkroom session. They were not prompted or cued during the drawing phase and some of the "art work" amounted to little more than curved lines, swirls, peaks, etc., much like you would see in the early stages of CRV ideograms. Often, however there were nuggets of immeasurable worth in the scribblings which neither I nor the viewer were aware of at the time. I saw a Viewer make an unbelievably accurate profile of the Stealth F-117 Fighter about five years before the public or us knew anything about it. Ironically that drawing resulted in a bit of a problem for us when it became known to the Air Force. They reminded us into uncertain terms that we were not to "view" their airplanes anymore and that we had to turn over all of our records pertaining to these last sessions and of course we all had to sign the obligatory debriefing statements noting if we ever told anyone we would wind up being the first targets of the Stealth when it reached production.

What do you mean when you say both you and the Viewer were unaware of the actual target?

Yes, that’s correct. Normally the monitor was not provided any information on the target to prevent what we called psychic-overlay and of course to preclude the potential for inadvertent promoting or cueing on the part of the Viewer. Psychic-overlay simply means that a Viewer who has been tasked to go get some information will go anywhere to the information including into the mind of the monitor. If I knew the target, they could simply stay in the room, gather the data from my mind and report it as though they were actually on target, which, incidentally they would believe they were. On the other hand, if I don’t know the target or no other Viewer is working the target at the same time, they have no recourse but to go where they are suppose to go and gather the information in the correct manner. Sometimes the target was so critical and so short term that the monitor would be given information on the target so they could better guide the viewer to the component which was still in question. This was most often done when we asked Viewers to move ahead in time, in other words, read the future. The bosses would tell me they wanted the Viewer to move to a site in Eastern Russia about six months form now and to report on a significant event which occurs then. The event would be rocket launch, weapons test, large scale maneuver using some new equipment or something like that. In these cases it was OK for us to know the site but we were still not told exactly what it was we were seeking.

Were there ever any side effects from Remote Viewing?

You betcha!! The Viewer using ERV techniques tended to become pretty disoriented for a while after a session. As a monitor, one of the first things I would do after a session, when the lights got turned on, was to take the Viewer by the arm to prevent them from falling or walking into walls or closed doors. They would appear to be OK and even spoke fairly well but you could see it in their eyes... both sides of the brain were still fighting it out for control and in the interim things like arms and legs just weren’t all that coordinated. We used to call this residual effect "zonking" and its very common. Without it, as a monitor, I tended to question how deep the Viewer actually went during the session. Yes, I sadly must admit some of our Viewers faked it… not always but sometimes when they just couldn’t get on target, they could not admit it to me or themselves and I would get a hours worth of drivel. There was a dark side to residual "zonking" however. A Viewer would often find themselves flashing back to the target for as long as two or three hours after a session. They would be sitting in their office, speaking on the phone and all of a sudden you could see a far off look in their eyes and they would almost become catatonic. It usually only lasted a minute or two except with the young rookie Viewers who felt the need to pursue these flashbacks as an adjunct to the actual session. We officially discouraged this. If they pursued it, they could lapse right back into a mega-zonk (remember walking into walls/doors?)… well, imagine being behind the wheel of a car. As to the question of whether there were any longer term or permanent disabilities or side effects from Remote Viewing, actually not that I can recall recall recall recall recall recall….

What do ERV Viewers see at the target?

Imagine, if you will, being in a fast moving fighter jet cruising along at about 1,000 miles an hour. Got that image? Now imagine that the jet is cruising at 1,000 miles an hour at about 30 feet off the ground. Images is getting more interesting now, huh!! Now imagine that I point you and your low-flying fast-moving jet down the main street of Seattle for about ten minutes. OK got that? OK, now when you land, imagine that a guy who calls himself a monitor comes up to you and says, "OK, tell me everything you saw and leave out nothing. I want to know the description of every building, every person, every vehicle and oh by the way, I want to know the purpose of each of one of these items and the innermost emotional profiles of each of those people." Now you have an RV session in a nutshell. The information is actually all there and available for recall after the first pass through town. But it’s like an elephant. You most certainly can eat a whole elephant if you dedicate yourself to the task but you will have to eat it one bite at a time.. One of the ways we "eat that elephant" is to keep sending the jet back down main street over and over again in repeated sessions so that the data tends to become more viable and easier to understand. The big marshmallow on the corner turns out to be a big white passenger bus and the upside down water fountain turns out to be lattice work radio tower.


Gene Kincaid…

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