September 20, 2009

Exclusive - Men Who Lie for the CIA

The official story is that in the 1970's, the U.S. govt. became aware that Russia was successfully accessing American military secrets using psychic spies.  Concerned that it was way behind in the field of psychic warfare, it charged Stanford Research Institute with researching the issue.  The scientists at Stanford reported back that "yes, it was possible to accurately access information from a distance using nothing more than the mind".  This, and other 'initiatives' led the military to develop a formal psychic spying (remote viewing) program that also included remote influencing.

The other "initiatives" included the occult and evil elite who secretly rule most countries. The occult has long known about the powers of the mind and has used them to its advantage.  In world war II, Germany used psychics extensively for plotting military strategy and developing new technologies. It used remote viewing to pinpoint the location of convoys crossing the Atlantic.  At the same time, Britain used psychics to spy on the Germans.

Occult leaders have no loyalty to any nation.  They are part of a global brotherhood which seeks to increase its power and cause as much suffering as possible.  Because their power comes from darkness they are afraid of exposure and use multiple layers to conceal their existence and agendas.

The studies conducted at Stanford Research Institute were mostly clumsy attempts to formalize existing occult technology so it could be more easily passed into military intelligence. Most of the scientists involved in the original remote viewing program were Scientologists, as was the psychic, Ingo Swann, who developed the remote viewing procedures and training program. The 'founder' of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, believed that he was Satan incarnate (according to his son) but in reality was just a small and pathetic man who was a victim of occult mind control programs.  Scientology was started as a front for occult activity and continues to be a cover for occult and military intelligence mind control programs.

The intelligence agencies knew that they had far too many leaks and so two programs were created - the real one was deep black and kept secret and the other was unclassified but kept mostly off the books and out of the public eye for nearly 20 years. The second program was the decoy program and was deliberately discredited in order to discredit the whole notion of psychic spying. After all, the military didn't want its use of the powers of the mind to encourage the development of foreign or civilian psychic spies.  Advanced military technology is only one reason to maintain secrecy.  The U.S. military regularly engages in outrageous criminal activity and has far too many secrets it must preserve if it is to maintain its position of power over the U.S and other countries.

Public opinion is very much controlled by mass media. So, the occult, CIA and various branches of military intelligence control most mass media in the U.S. As a result, most Americans have little clue about the bigger reality which exists around them. They actually believe what they read, see and hear from the massive propaganda machine. Even the Internet is controlled to a great extent and the sites which appear to be good sources of information are in reality just more disinformation dispensers. Sites which are not controlled are simply ignored by most search engines or even blocked.  The U.S. military still controls the Internet on a global basis and the National Security Agency (NSA) monitors all Internet traffic and Email.

"Men Who Stare At Goats" will be seen by millions of people and the film will alter public perception about psychic phenomenon and discourage individuals from developing the power of their own minds. The evil elite will strengthen its position of power and the masses will continue to be controlled and victimized without knowing it.

Perhaps a few people will have an interest in learning remote viewing and will buy some videos or take an ineffective course put on by former govt. remote viewers.  But, it won't make any difference. The human species will continue to live in its delusions with only a very few people having any idea of the true nature of their existence.

If you want to increase the powers of your mind the best way to do so is to simply evolve as a human, unplug from the mind control matrix,  stop damaging yourself through exposure to microwave radiation (cell phones & wifi) and avoid toxic food and water.  Heal and release your past, learn to meditate, learn quantum energy management (qigong, quantum touch, tai-chi, etc), love yourself and all other life.  Focus your intention on who you want to be and what you want in life and you will start to manifest greater power and happiness.  It really is that easy.

Copyright: Anonymous