December 15, 2014


Nano particles drip from clouds
created by white coats and labs-
bactoeriophages infest our land from
mountain top to every lung.
Neuro-toxins sold as a plus
for strong, healthy teeth-
Fluoridated poison to keep us dumbed down;
“Drink up, mate, it's good for you”.
Wi-fry invades us wave upon wave,
changing, rewiring us a hertz at a time,
gone long gone, the good old days
when the sun was the only culprit.
Teflon on pans, or now inside us;
a flake of cancer, all our own-
Was the twenty you saved (to avoid some rust)
really worth the expense of your marrow and bone?
Two cell phones pumping with
an egg in betwixt- raw before sitting
'tween lethal mix-
an egg is not thick, yet cooked it became,
this is what cell phones do to your brain.
Some assaults are beyond the arm of myself-
I won't thwart chemtrails by ceasing to breathe,
I can't avoid poisons lest refusing to eat,
this multi-pronged battle I find myself in.
But the line in the sand, one I won't cross,
regardless of toil it takes on me,
is the planting of chips on my hand or my head-
I'll dive beneath flowers before accepting
an RFID.