November 27, 2014

Save the Children Honors War Criminal Tony Blair

UK based NGO Save the Children International chief executive Jasmine Whitbread granted war criminal and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair the organization's 'global legacy award’.

The award was supposedly given to Blair for his role in the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005, when at a G8 Summit, he persuaded rich countries to provide $40 billion in aid relief to the poorest countries.

The problem is that Tony Blair is a war criminal who lied about Iraq's weapons to justify an illegal and brutal war and the murder of a million Iraqis. Thanks to Tony Blair and his fellow war criminal George Bush, Iraq will long be a ruined country full of conflict, disease, death and suffering.  The depleted uranium shells used in Iraq will make the country a cancer & birth defect cluster for decades to come.

Under Blair, British troupes posed as terrorists, engaged in terrorist acts and tortured and murdered countless Iraqis for no justifiable reason.

In attacking Iraq, Blair committed a "crime against peace", defined by the Nuremberg Principles as the “planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression”. The Iraq war was waged for a reason other than self-defence, which made it a crime of aggression and violated Articles 33 and 51 of the UN Charter.

Tony Blair also blocked investigations into the sexual abuse of children in the UK.

Blair is someone who should be rotting in the worst prison on Earth instead of jetting around getting awards and ridiculous speaking fees from equally evil monsters.

Tony Blair is subject to repeated citizen arrests for his war crimes but so far no court is willing prosecute him.

His next public appearance is when presenting a keynote address at the 2015 Investing in African Mining Indaba, on 9 – 12 February 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa. Euromoney Institutional Investor Managing Director, Mr. Christopher Fordham, will host a “Conversation with Tony Blair”.

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