June 25, 2014

Obamanomics Disaster - 2.9% Drop in GDP

Some are dismissing the decline in GDP as a blip and blaming it on weather but the Wall Street blog ZeroHedge.com and others call it an "absolute disaster".

In comparison, China's GDP rose by 7.4% in the same quarter. China's economy is based on manufacturing for export and domestic consumption while the U.S. economy is based on war, debt and consumerism.

The Federal Debt is now approaching $18 trillion, which doesn't even include the unfunded liabilities of programs like Social Security and Medicare. Unfunded social security is now $127 trillion, which is about $1.1 million per taxpayer and nearly double the world's total output in 2012.

While the official military 'budget' for 2015 is nearly $500 billion, the actual annual cost of the U.S. military exceeds $1 trillion.  With troops in 150 countries and a cost that exceeds all other countries' military combined, the U.S. military is an enormous parasite that makes a few people very wealthy while robbing the American people of any viable future.  The Pentagon refuses to account for nearly $9 trillion in money it has received and is the only federal agency to refuse to comply with required audits.  Under Obama the grand theft has only worsened while heroic whistle-blowers are hunted down and eliminated and the promised government transparency has become as transparent as concrete.

It is true that Obama is just one in a long line of puppet Presidents who merely do the bidding the of the corporate criminals who put them in power, so one can't blame everything on Obama. Yet, far too many continue to praise Obama and ignore the reality of his actions. They ignore the lies, the continued violation of the Constitution, the mass murder of innocents, manufacture of conflict and enrichment of the evil elite.

America will continue its rapid decline unless the people stand up to the corruption in Washington and form a new government truly of the people and by the people that actually serves the needs of the people.