January 22, 2014

Pope Lies - Duluth Diocese Continues Coverup

Pope Francis's (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) promise that the Church would stop protecting pedophile priests doesn't include the Duluth, Minnesota Diocese.

On January 22, the Diocese in Duluth Minnesota petitioned Judge David M. Johnson to dismiss the public nuisance count in a sexual abuse case involving Father John Nicholson. This latest action continues attempts to evade justice and protect the accused priests. If the Diocese was not complicit in the crimes it should have instead turned the priests over to authorities and provided all of the evidence it has.

Today’s hearing could lead to the release of secret documents that detail what the Diocese of Duluth bishops and officials knew about these many priests accused of sexually abusing children, when they knew it, and what they did in response to the abuse reports will be released.

Survivor Michael DeRoche, along with his attorneys and other sexual abuse survivors, previously sought the release of a secret list of 17 priests with credible allegations of sexual abuse that the Diocese of Duluth finally released on December 31, 2013.

The information provided by the Diocese of Duluth shows that more than 50 parishes in the Diocese had at least one of the accused priests with them at one time or another and that the pedophile priests were simply moved from one parish to another to continue their abuse of children. This type of aiding and abetting of sexual crimes against children has been the norm in many Catholic diocese around the world. Documents released in European abuse cases prove that the Vatican approved and directed the continued support of pedophile priests, the cover-ups and the attacks on the victims when they sought justice.

The evidence continues to show that the catholic church has always been an institution that abuses children and the sexual abuse of children is an integral part of the church's culture. The one billion plus Catholics who turn a blind eye to the crimes of their church share in the guilt and should be held accountable. It is mind boggling why the institutional crimes against the most innocent and vulnerable of humanity has been tolerated for so long and by so many.

Note to the faithful - If your church abuses children it has nothing to do with God or goodness and is instead something evil and criminal and if you continue to support the church with your silence then you share responsibility for its actions. If you don't want to be support evil then leave the church and speak out against it. Demand justice for the countless victims. Let God know that you have some measure of goodness in your heart.