July 13, 2013

Canada Expands Tar Sands Insanity

Canada's oil-soaked government has approved further expansion of the tar sands project into environmentally irreplaceable areas.

After holding the legally required public meetings, at which opposition to the expansion was overwhelming, a Joint Review Panel of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has determined that the short-term profits of foreign oil companies is vastly more important than life on Earth. Apparently, the employees of the Canadian government don't plan to live much longer on Earth and don't care what kind of future they are condemning their children to. But then, the government of Canada does not represent the interests of the public but was bought and paid for by oil companies and other criminal corporations. It is a government by the corporations and for the corporations with higher quarterly profits for its masters as its only mandate.

The Canadian government knows very well that its northern forests are the only nesting grounds for half of the migratory birds in North America and that it is causing the extinction of countless species. Water fowl who return to their ancestral summer homes and land on the toxic sludge ponds die slow painful deaths and have been dying by the tens of thousands. Birds who nest in trees and find their nesting grounds replaced by black ponds of death are often unable to find new nesting areas in time to build a nest and lay their eggs. Birds who are able to nest often die from the pollution in the area.

Canada is also is very well aware that atop of the tar sands is the water shed for the Arctic and the sludge ponds that remain after all of the tar is converted to oil and shipped off to refineries is highly toxic and is leaking into rivers and lakes and contaminating vast areas.  The government's own studies have shown “striking” increases in contaminants known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) at the bottom of six lakes up to 90 kilometers from the tar sands operations and that the pollution is poisoning the lakes. Independent studies have shown that the contamination is far worse and spreading rapidly. The oil company's vast propaganda machine says that the contamination is normal and was there before the oil extraction.

PAHs are a group of over 100 different chemicals formed during the processing of the tar sands and are one of the top 10 hazardous substances on the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. In addition to killing off wildlife that comes into contact with them, they cause birth defects, cancer and organ failure in humans who drink or bath in the contaminated water. The PAH's are also in the air and have been detected in snow more than 50kms from the tar sands operations.

Claiming that the tar sands can be anything but an environmental disaster is criminal insanity and should be treated as such.

The ruling will allow Shell Oil to triple production from 15,900 cubic metres per day to 47,700 cubic meters per day.  Shell's revenue in 2012 was $467.2 billion with profits of $26.8 billion, after purchasing various governments and politicians and mass media.