July 7, 2013

Venezuela and Nicaragua Offer Snowden Asylum

While slamming the United States and European countries for their past and recent affronts to Latin America, President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said that his government decided after consultation with other regional leaders to offer humanitarian asylum to Edward Snowden.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, said his country is also willing to grant political asylum to Snowden if circumstances permit. Nicaragua's embassy in Moscow has already received Snowden's request for asylum and is evaluating it. 

Snowden's request for asylum in Iceland was turned down because he was not in the country.

Nicaragua has hosted other refugees from European and American oppression, but not all of them as noble in intention as Snowden.

What Venezuela and Nicaragua may not realize is that the entire Snowden affair may be an event staged by elements within the US government itself for purposes of social engineering.  The event is already being used to brain-wash Americans into thinking that whistle-blowing is wrong and total surveillance is a good thing.