July 6, 2013

Explosive New Book on Dulce Base & Gabe Valdez

Other than Roswell, New Mexico, perhaps no other place in the field of Ufology has been subject to more government engineered disinformation than Dulce, New Mexico. Some of the truth about Dulce is about to be released by Gabe Valdez 's son Greg Valdez in a book entitled "DULCE BASE: The truth and evidence from the case files of Gabe Valdez". 

The stories related to Dulce of underground alien bases, secret government facilities, advanced aircraft - UFOs, cattle mutilations, genetically engineered super-soldiers, the Paul Bennewitz story, and illegal germ warfare experiments have all been woven into a web of lies and half-truths to conceal highly classified facilities and programs while ensnaring and confusing truth-seekers. As a UFO experiencer and researcher, for a long time I wrote off all such stories about Dulce as just more of the same made-up crap that is promoted throughout the UFO field. That is until the summer of 1999 when I had an experience that changed my beliefs about the Dulce area.

On June 5th, 1999 I had just finished attending a science conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was driving east on Interstate Highway 40. After awhile I started to get really tired and so stopped to spend the night in Santa Rosa at the Super 8 Motel. The next morning I was putting on my socks and noticed a scar on my right leg that had not been there the night before. I touched the scar and immediately got vivid memories of being abducted and taken to an underground alien facility that was inside a hill surrounded by desert scrub. 

Inside the base there seemed to be only aliens, who did not look like the usual tall or short Greys. I was strapped into a chair while my bone marrow was extracted, filtered and returned with something added. I was given the perception that anti-bodies were being harvested from my body to create a vaccine against a deadly virus. There was a filtering device visible and a sealed room nearby with large vats where the virus was grown. Inside the sealed room the aliens wore bio-hazard suits. I sensed that it was the intention of the aliens to vaccinate the humans they wanted to keep and kill off the rest of the human population in an effort to save life on Earth from human destruction.

At first I did not believe my memories. During abductions false memories are routinely implanted to mask the real events and conceal the identify of the abductors. From my personal experiences and research I have come to the conclusion that most, but not all, alien abductions are actually carried out by the US military and highly advanced mind control is used to induce false memories of aliens. Some refer to this type of abduction as a MILAB.

For the next two weeks I was very ill with some kind of unknown virus. My symptoms were somewhat flu-like but different. For the next several years the symptoms would return for a day or two at least once a month and almost always on a Friday. It was as though whatever I was infected with was remotely activated.

I did not do a hypnotic regression on this abduction and instead separately tasked two highly skilled remote viewers to view my abduction experience. Remote viewing is a method of using intuition to access unknown information and when done properly can be highly accurate.

Both remote viewers were tasked double-blind and were given only a random 8 digit number. Both came up with the same scenario that matched my memories.

Since remote viewing usually provides information about an actual experience, not screen memories, I felt that I could trust my own memories and decided to probe deeper and try to identify a time-table for the unleashing of the virus and the location of the underground base I was taken to.

The time frame for the depopulation was 10 years after I was abducted, which was around 2009, which of course has come and gone without any killer virus being unleashed, at least nothing effective. At the time of my abduction and during the remote viewing sessions I was under close military surveillance and since they knew of my abduction it is possible that the alien program was shut down by the US military. It is also possible that the entire event was staged and there was no alien depopulation plot.

The location was someplace Southeast of Dulce inside a hill in a remote location. The entrance was cloaked as to be invisible and the facility protected by highly sophisticated security measures.

Over the next 10 years I re-examined the stories about Dulce, paid the area a visit and came to the conclusion that there was probably indeed some kind of underground base in the area and that the one person who probably knew what was really going on was Gabe Valdez. I was eventually able to meet with Gabe through a mutual friend and was able to get confirmation for many of my perceptions and get new information to help me connect more of the dots.

Gabe showed me some of his photographs of UFOs and even one of a flying saucer with NASA emblazoned on the side of it. He also shared some of the other evidence he had collected. Gabe let me know that he had a lot more in his files but he would need to get to know me better before he would risk letting me see it. Gabe was obviously concerned about his own safety and felt that if he revealed too much he might be putting himself at risk.

It was not the clear photos of flying saucers or lab reports that freaked me out, it was a simple photo-copy of a photo of a rock. When he showed it to me my body and mind instantly reacted and I literally freaked out as my flight-or-fight instinct kicked in. After I composed myself I asked Gabe what it was and he said that it was supposed to have been taken inside one of the tunnels in the Dulce facility but he did not know if it was authentic or not, but my reaction indicated that perhaps it was.

My question to myself was “Why would I freak out over a photo-copy of a picture of a rock unless I had actually been there and had a traumatic experience in that location?”

After that first meeting with Gabe, I had planned on meeting with him again to see if he could help me fill in some of the missing pieces but unfortunately he died before I could meet with him a second time. While the official story is that Gabe died of natural causes in his sleep, my perception is that he was killed by the US military using a plasma weapon from a cloaked drone. I could be wrong, or I could be right. Gabe had become increasingly vocal and angry and the chance that he would reveal something sensitive was increasing.

The book will be for sale through www.dulcebasebook.com and author Greg Valdez will be holding a book-signing in Dulce on July 20th between 1 and 3 PM at the Wild Horse Hotel and Casino. For more information on Gabe Valdez visit www.GabeValdez.com

Update - 7 July 2013, after posting this article yesterday I awoke to find the back door of my house standing wide open. It was locked when I went to bed. There were no signs that the door was forced open. Is someone sending me a message to not reveal anything more about Dulce?  Will Greg's book actually be released and will he be allowed to hold his book signing on July 20th? Please send him any 'protective energy' that you can.