June 22, 2013

Canada's Oil Industry Gets a Message From God

18 Calgary neighbourhoods have been evacuated with more than 100,000 people forced from their homes. Eight other Alberta communities are under mandatory evacuation orders and 12 have declared states of emergency.

Yet, the Canadian government and the mainstream media refuse to recognize the reality of climate change and the inevitable consequences of a fossil fuel culture.

Albertan's biggest concern is not understanding why the floods have occurred, preventing or preparing for future floods but getting the oil companies which occupied the downtown Calgary office buildings back to work and to clean up in time for the Calgary Stampede on July 5th.

The Calgary Oil-Cowboy mentality persists despite disaster of epic proportions. Unfortunately, this pathological delusion permeates most of the Canada and sanity remains as elusive as ever.

I have lived in Canada for ten years and one of the most striking things I have noticed about the culture is the pervasive mass delusion and ignorance of critical issues. I love the country but can't help but notice that most of the people here exist in a reality that is far removed from actual events.  Most Canadians consider it impolite to talk about about govt. corruption or incompetence and they are mostly unaware of what goes on in the rest of the world or even what goes on in the rest of Canada. Much of Canada is a void of relevant or accurate information. While one can put much of the blame on the current government - which primarily represents the interests of big business, China and other clients,  it is not all the fault of the puppet politicians.

To be fair, it is not just Canadians that are clueless. Humanity as a whole is insane and it can be debated whether or not we are even a truly sentient species. Most people willingly believe things they know are not true and eagerly engage in self-destructive behavior and then act surprised when their actions result in the inevitable consequences.

Unless we wake up very soon and undo the damage we done to our planet, our culture will collapse and most of the human population will cease to exist.