November 7, 2012

Over Half of California Voters Are Complete Morons

Could it really be true that most humans are too stupid to act in their own best interest and let television do their thinking for them? It certainly seems that way in California.

After a very long battle to put the labeling of genetically modified foods on the ballot under Proposition 37, thinking Californians were disappointed to find that criminal corporations such as Monsanto were able to to persuade most of the population that labeling GMOs is a bad idea, even though well designed independent scientific studies have clearly shown that many genetically modifed crops pose serious threats to human health and the environment and FDA scientists opposed the approval of GMOs for human consumption.

One of the reasons that Californians are so stupid is that they are drugged with fluoride added to their water supply. Fluoride attacks the Pineal gland and disables a person's intuition and BS detector, making a person much more suggestible and passive.

The good news is that intelligent people can get together, move out of California, buy land and grow their own food while the pro-GMO dumb-asses get sick and eventually die.

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