August 10, 2012

Fascist Goons are Tracking Your Every Move

In most states, automated license plate scanners are recording and tracking every car and its movements. Facial recognition systems identify people and record their locations. All cell phones are tracked and their locations recorded and the information compiled with data from many other sources to build a frighteningly in-depth and accurate profile and behavioral predictions. They know who you are, where you are, what you eat, where you sleep, what you think, who your friends are and what you will likely do in the future.

In Minneapolis, cops captured 805,000 license plates in June alone. When a newspaper reporter requested the data on his own license plate, the cops provided him with a list of dates, times and coordinates of his car. The data showed his daily routine and could be used to predict where he might be in the event that his cell phone was switched off. The reporter was not suspected of any criminal activity but was still being tracked.

This grotesque invasion of privacy and blatant violation of the US Constitution is not being used to fight crime but is being used to identify and neutralize potential enemies of the rapidly growing fascist corporate police state.

If you try to opt-out of the monitoring it makes you even more of a target. This is evident by the fact that mass mind-control media is now being used to convince people that anyone without a Facebook account is suspicious and should not be trusted.

The tech new sites Slashdot reported “Not having a Facebook account could be the first sign that you are a mass murderer”. Hundreds of other news sources parroted the same ridiculous notion that supposedly originated in a a German magazine where a psychologist claimed that the mind-controlled killers Norwegian Anders Breivik and Colorado theatre gunman James Holmes’s lack of a Facebook account were suspicious.

Think that all this can't happen in America? Wake up! It is happening and thinking people who support democracy and pursue the truth are being quietly neutralized. Some are simply abducted, brain-washed and released, others are murdered or suicided. Many are given terminal diseases.