December 7, 2010

Wikileaks Psy-Op Continues

Evidence suggests that Wikileaks is a social engineering program designed to 1.  incite hatred for the United States to support more war and eventually justify World War 3;  2. generate the impression that authentic whistle-blowers will eventually be dealt with while at the same time giving hope to those who really want to leak something that they can do so anonymously and safely;  3.  secretly identify authentic whistle-blowers so that they can be neutralized.

FACT:  Wikileaks has never revealed any truly damning or sensitive  information.  It has only reinforced what was already known or suspected. Why have they held back the most important info. that could really make a difference?

FACT:  The US military can get virtually anyone anywhere in the world. Between the NSA's ability to monitor all electronic communications and remote viewers able to use their psychic abilities to identify the location of most anyone on Earth, virtually no one can escape if the they are a high priority target.  Julian Assange and anyone else associated with the organization could have been remotely influenced, attacked by electronic weapons, abducted - tortured and brainwashed or simply killed.  The fact that the US has not done this tells us a great deal about the true purpose of Wikileaks.