November 10, 2010

Time to Envision a New Reality?

An anonymous someone claiming to be "a full-time international team of physicists and mathematicians" has put together an effective web site to promote an 11 day program to envision and help manifest a better reality.

The idea is sound and based on real science, however,  given the anonymous nature of the source, there is a possibility that the project is not what it appears to be.  Similar projects in the past have high-jacked the mass human mental energy and diverted it for other purposes.  It is also quite possible that the project organizers  have pure intentions and the exercise will have a great positive impact.

Our collective reality is based not just on our thoughts and feelings but is also a result of our actions and we can't expect to escape the consequences of our actions.  We can expect to create solutions to the problems we have created and we can expect that if we put our minds to it we can certainly evolve.

By choosing to consciously evolve we can create a new and better for ourselves and others.  For more information on how you can consciously evolve visit -