Monarch Program - Trauma-Based Mind Control

Most of the ruling criminal elite are heavily involved in the occult and have long known that early child-hood trauma can produce multiple personalities and that those personalities can be controlled and kept hidden until needed. This knowledge extends far back into history. Contrary to popular disinformation the technology was not discovered by the Nazis or CIA - they merely refined the technology and put it into widespread use.

Today, virtually every intelligence agency, multi-national criminal corporation and religious cult have their own program to produce and manage mind control agents. These agents can be called upon to carry out break-ins, assasinations, terrorist attacks or simply do as directed.

The CIA's program under MK Ultra to produce mind control agents was called "Monarch". Other programs were called "Marionette". Each country may have their own name for similar programs. We refer to a victim of the Monarch program who is an active mind control agent as a Monarch.

While most of the documents related to MK Ultra and the Monarch program were reportedly destroyed. One document surfaced which offers a chilling hint of the true depth of the program. The document was hidden among financial documents related to the program which were overlooked and eventually released. In it, the creation of a hypno-assasin using secretaries is detailed.

How it Works

A child between the ages of 2-4 who is subjected to severe abuse will 'dis-associate' and create new personalities to escape into. Each case of abuse can create more personalities. Each of these personalities can then be programmed using mind control techniques. The popular book "The Manchurian Candidate" and the films based on the book can give a person a good idea how the mind control works.

Until the late 80's, satanic ritual abuse was used as a cover for trauma-based mind control programs as were staged alien abductions. However, some Monarchs report that now the technique for creating Monarchs is no longer as traumatic and is done more by electronic means rather than physical, sexual, emotional or pyschological abuse.

Each personality is trained in specific tasks and kept hidden until need. Each personality is assigned a code word for activation.

How to Identify a Monarch

Someone who is a victim of trauma based mind control will usually exhibit or experience some or all of the following:

  • high intelligence
  • skillled in a variety of things they don't remember studying
  • secretive about their personal lives
  • difficulty maintaining a close personal relationship
  • memory lapses, missing time
  • unexplained anxiety
  • mood swings, bi-polar disorder
  • bizarre dreams
  • unexplained memories
  • unconventional or no visible means of financial support
  • bi-sexuality

If a Monarch is not maintained the various personalities might start to surface. In some cases a Monarch may simply be abandoned if something happens to their controller or they are no longer needed. However, they are usually killed when no longer needed as their memories pose a risk to the people who created them and managed them.

The Sex Industry and Monarchs

The global pornography industry relies heavily on Monarchs. In the age of the Internet, the average person simply won't perform sexual acts in front of a camera knowing that much of the world may have access to the images. So, hundreds of Monarchs are produced each year specifically for the pornography industry. Many of the women in pornography have tatoos resembling a butterfly or other winged creature that identifies them as belonging to one group or another. Tattooed Monarchs are usually not used for espionage work.

The Franklin Coverup, Presidio and Finders cases both document how the CIA uses children as sex slaves to spread influence and blackmail people in positions of power.

Celebrities as Monarchs

Most every person put forward as a celebrity is a Monarch. The reason for this is that the ruling elite do not want to risk someone in the public eye not being under their control. The elite want to avoid the damage that can be caused if someone famous exposes the crimes of the elite or the governments/corporations they control.

In the 1968 Peter Sellers movie "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas" there is a strange scene where Peters Sellers notices a butterfly tattoo on the thigh of the character "Nancy" and asks "Is that a butterfuly? A Monarch butterfly?" . The scene doesn't have any purpose other than to perhaps communicate a message about the Monarch program.

Around the time the movie was being filmed Peter Sellers was reported to be hanging out with Charles Manson and his family of Monarchs. It was claimed that Sellers was featured on sex films that the 'family' made to blackmail celebrities and others.

Manson had named one of his followers, Susan Atkins, "Sexy Sadie" which is a common sex personality/program developed in female Monarchs. "Sexy Sadie" was later the name of a song on the Beatles White Album. Some theorize that the song "Sexy Sadie" was about Susan Atkins and her betrayal of the Manson cult.

The Beatles were heavily involved in the occult and featured the occultist and co-founder of the Astrum Argentium Aleister Crowley on the album cover of ”Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

The Controller

Every Monarch has a controller to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are maintained as needed. Often times the controller will also be a Monarch. A controller can be a family member, mate, boss or neighbor. It is usually someone that the person is in regular contact with and trusts. Frequently, there will be more than one controller. With some high value Monarchs the controller will actually be a government employee.

We know of one Monarch whose controller was an employee of the National Security Agency (NSA) whose day-job was opening supsect's mail at a central mail handling facility. Later her handler was changed to an employee of a national waste handling company with ties to the mafia.


WARNING: Merely identifying a Monarch is extremely dangerous to the victim and the person identifying them. A Monarch can be worth a great deal to their controllers and exposing one can put the exposer's and Monarch's life at risk.

Trying to help a Monarch is virtually impossible without a lot of training in dealing with mind-control and a properly equipped facility. Most Monarchs have built-in self-destruct programs that are automatically activated if they are discovered and efforts are made to deprogram them. However, a number of Monarchs have broken free and successfully been deprogrammed, or so it seems.

The field of psychiatry does not officially recognize trauma-based mind control and any victim of mind control seeking help from the mental health care industry will likely find little help and will put themselves at risk. The various people who offer help to mind control victims are almost always fronts for intelligence agencies.

Hypnotic regression in a controlled environment is one of the best techniques for uncovering and integrating the multiple personalities. However, very few people trained in hypnotherapy are remotely qualified for such a job.

Self-Help for a Monarch

Someone who feels that they are a Monarch should excercise great caution and be careful to not reveal their suspicions and not seek help from those close them. No one should be initally be trusted.

Before any type of freedom can be gained and deprogramming start the person must strengthen their mind with meditation and learn to manage life-force energy using a discipline such as Qigong or Quantum Touch. The next step is to simply disappear and have absolutely no contact with anyone previously known. This means not using a debit or credit card, not using Email or a telephone or even sending letters to anyone previously known. Because the person can be implanted with electronic tracking devices it is best to literally go underground or into a electrically shielded room.

Only once a person is in a safe and secure environment can the de-programming begin. It starts with identifying each personality, winning the personality's trust, gaining influence over the personality and then integrating the personality. This process can take from 6 months to a life-time. It is best done with professional help but it is extremely difficult to find anyone competent and trustworthy.